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Profile Creation

What kind of profile should I create?

  • Learner profiles are for single individual students (personal or professional) who wish to register for in-person classes and workshops offered through Cabrillo Extension.
  • Household profiles are designed to allow members of a family to register together. If you think it's likely that you'll take a class with a friend or family member, or if you are registering for a youth program, you should create a household profile. Enter your own information first, as the primary account holder. Once the profile is created, you'll have the option to add any other members of your household, whether adults or children. Then, when you register, you'll always be prompted to choose which member(s) of your household to enroll!
Company profiles are available but must be preapproved. Please email to begin the process. We will reach out once your company profile is set up with more information about adding employees and registering them for offerings through Cabrillo Extension.

Please note: if you have previously registered for an Extension class via the internet, phone, or mail, you may already have a profile. Feel free to reach out to the Extension office at (831) 479-6331 to confirm.